19 Inch Rack Mount


19 Inch Racking


Pro Audio Stash specializes in the supply of 19" Rack Mount accessories. We have compiled the following mini guide to help anybody who is not familiar with 'Racking' terminology or who intends to use the equipment for the first time. 19 inch racks are ideal for all of your home theatre enclosures.

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19 Inch Rack Products:


  • 19 inch Rack Shelves used to support non rackable electronic equipment inside rack enclosures and rack cases.
  • 19 inch Rack Drawers used to support and secure non rackable electronic equipment.
  • 19 inch Rack Panels used to fill space within racks or house electronic connectors, available in a range of sizes and styles.
  • 19 inch Rack Rail used to support rack equipment.
  • Rack Mount Fasteners which include screws and nuts used to attach rackable equipment to rack enclosures and rack cases.
  • 19 inch Server Racks, Wall Mount Racks & Flat Pack Rack Enclosures used to house professional audio and audio visual equipment.


Types of Rack


Pro Audio Stash stock a range of 19" hardware and rack cases which are used in different circumstances. As explained above it is possible to build a 19" rack mount server using rack mount components.

rack drawer
rack drawer

Front and Back mounting Rack Equipment


Most rack accessories such a rack panels and static rack panels only mount to the front rack rails of server or rack case. However, heavy equipment is often mounted in drawers or trays attached to both the front and back rails. These drawers and trays are on slides allowing equipment to be easily accessed.

rack panel
rack panel

Rack Unit


A rack unit is a measurement used to describe the height in a rack. One rack unit (know as 1U) is 1.75" (44.45mm) in height. These U's are referred to when choosing rack equipment, because devices, rack drawers and rack shelves will be a certain U in height e.g. 2U, 3U, 4U.

rack rail
rack rail

If your now more confident about choosing 19 inch racking equipment suitable to your requirements please browse through our hardware section. If you have any questions regarding any of our products or how they are used, please contact us.

Rack Mount Hardware

                                                                        19 inch rack mounts ideal for all of your Home Theatre enclsoures!

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